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Curious dreamer who likes to draw, create characters and build worlds.

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Heyah guys! :)
Just wanted to address and share some info on the recent Paypal thing, where they changed the ToS and added some sort of 2,500$ fine if you break their rules. Of course, it scared me at first, but I did some digging around, and found some helpful info, these journals might shed some light:
Regarding the $2500 PayPal Fine...For those that are of the TL;DR mindset, the $2500 PayPal fine that everyone's talking about isn't completely true.  The fine is only in reference to people that are actively using PayPal for obviously nefarious means, especially to buy and sell stuff like drugs, guns, prostitutes and pretty much anything else that obviously involves breaking the law in some way.
For those willing to read the whole journal though, please feel free to read on.  =3
Very recently I discovered that there was some new information going around, stating how PayPal had updated their Terms of Service, supposedly making it to where they'll charge you a $2500 fine if they catch you breaking their ToS Agreement.
I've since looked into this bit of information and discovered that the $2500 fine that everyone seems to be talking about is actually false; or at least, not as true as everyone thinks it is.
Although their ToS does say that they have the righ
Paypal Updated TOS - NOT WHAT YOU THINKHi guys, 
So everyone has been freaking out over the paypal updated tos right? 2,500$ dollar fine! O'my!
Do not get hysterical. 
Its not what you think, as  so kindly explained in their comment here:
It is only if you use paypal for illegal services such as selling of drugs or contraband. 
This fine is not if you send an artist a gift as a payment instead of goods and services. Yes, it is best to send as good and services and yes it is against the TOS to ask for the fees but at most that will get an account suspension, not a 2,500$ fine. 
Please guys, read for yourselves before spreading hysteria! 
The actual quote from PayPal's TOS is: "If you violate the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, then in addition to the above actions you will be liable to PayPal for the amount of PayPal's damages caused by your violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. You acknowledge a
Paypal- About the Policy Update and PaymentsSo, for those of you who are not aware, Paypal updated their policies. I saw rumors going around and tried to gather as much information as possible about them, so that I know what is fact and what isn't. A lot of artists are currently concerned about this one passage here, under section 10.3 Actions by Paypal - Restricted Activities
If you violate the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, then in addition to the above actions you will be liable to PayPal for the amount of PayPal's damages caused by your violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. You acknowledge and agree that $2,500.00 USD per violation of the Acceptable Use Policy is presently a reasonable minimum estimate of PayPal's actual damages considering all currently existing circumstances, including the relationship of the sum to the range of harm to PayPal that reasonably could be anticipated because, due to the nature of the violations of the Acceptable Use Policy, actual damages would be impractical or e
About the PayPal $2500 fine rumor going around...IT'S FALSE GUYS.  This is a result of pessimistic people picking apart rules, and terms of service to say what they want them to say.  I just called the PayPal customer service number to verify if this was true or not, and spoke to someone who hadn't even heard of this.  She asked a few higher ups about it as well, and it's unheard of among the PayPal staff.  This rumor is completely FALSE and UNTRUE.  Basically, this fine only comes into play when you're participating in / selling anything illegal (example :: narcotics, stolen goods, etc.).  The only information she gave me was that you SHOULD used the "Goods and Services" option, as it provides protection to both the buyer and the seller if something is to go wrong (if the seller doesn't provide what they're supposed to, or if the buyer tries to refund after receiving their goods).  This is the only answer I could get after explaining in great detail why people were getting so paranoid about this Pa

From what I understand, it basically applies to illegal stuff (drug contraband, guns, prostitution), or suspicious amounts of money sent as gifts (or if you receive such gifts all the kinda does get suspicious). 
I know some commissioners send payment through the 'Family and Friends" option (which basically means gift), to avoid certain Paypal fees, but most other artists encourage to use the "Paying for goods and services" option. 
Here are some helpful links explaining some more about the "Goods and services" 
Paypal Safety!!!I just wanted to express to everyone that uses paypal to please pay correctly! pay with "goods and services"(NO ADDRESS) and NOT with "friends and family"
too many payments gone through "friends and family" can get your account suspended, paypal will penalize you for attempting to avoid their fees, so please pay correctly everyone! here is a lil tutorial to help with how to pay!

you can also save yourself the trouble by sending an invoice!
request the money and youre just fine that way too!!!
please everyone, practice safe paypal transactions! 
PS, SPREAD THE WORD, you can happily copy pasta this journal!!!…

So I guess I should state that, from now on, if you commission me and send payment, please send it through the 'Pay for Goods or Services' and select 'No address needed'.
I will accept the small fee that Paypal charges, so don't worry about it. 
Other people suggested using the invoice system that Paypal provides, but I'm not so sure how it works or if anyone else uses it. Perhaps that one is more adequate for larger, more expensive commissions. 
So yeah, just a heads up :) stay informed!

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